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Q&A: Dan Lynch, Carmel Realty Company CEO, on encouraging other companies to make an impact.

Q&A: Dan Lynch, Carmel Realty Company CEO, on encouraging other companies to make an impact.

By: Priscilla A. Caballero

Dan Lynch has been actively involved in youth development through the Future Citizens Foundation (FCF). As member of The Future Citizen Foundations Board of Directors, Dan has been integral in raising donations through the Carmel Realty Foundation, most recently he has raised $10,000 from a staff-driven campaign. The following is an edited Q&A with Mr. Lynch about his impact and how he has encouraged 100 people to make an impact as well.

Q: How did you and your wife get involved with the Future Citizens Foundation and their programs?
 A: My interest in The First Tee of Monterey County (The First Tee) was born out of the understanding that there are thousands of children across the Monterey Peninsula and the Salinas Valley who would benefit greatly from the type of support that The First Tee offers. I was aware of the need and was looking for an institution that we felt could really make the biggest impact on the lives of these children. We were introduced to the program through some friends and began to attend a few of the charity events. One of the most impactful things we experienced was hearing a few of The First Tee participants speak about the impact the program had on their lives and in their community. It was at that moment that I knew this was a great program to get behind.

Q: How and why did you decide to invite FCF to come to your company meeting to present their programs? Do you hope that this will springboard other FCF Board members and business to do this?
 A: Our organization, Carmel Realty Company generates 100% of our income from local business and because of that, we believe that it's our obligation to give back and support our local community. We created the Carmel Realty Foundation with a mission to support as many local causes as we can to improve life on the Peninsula and Salinas Valley.

Q: The presentation was a success raising $10,000. Why do you think it was so successful?
 A: Our team gained a better understanding that their money was actually going to make a significant difference in the lives of the children here on the Peninsula. When Bill Shelton and Nick Nelson spoke at our company meeting, everyone felt empowered to change the lives of children around the Peninsula. That inspiration and confidence led to outstanding individual contributions by most of our team.

Q: What are your future plans or ways you would like to continue helping FCF? goodwill
? A: It's my hope that these types of meetings are just the beginning of a lifetime of support that people can give to FCF. When I introduced FCF to 100 people, my hope is that many of them become lifetime supporters of the cause. I am pleased that we were able to exceed $10,000 in donations immediately following the meeting, however, I expect that this is only the beginning. There are many ways we can all help and just getting involved is the hardest step. From that point forward more and more good is always created.

Q: How do you see surpassing what was accomplished by Carmel Realty this year for FCF?
A: I hope it continues to grow and grow each year. In addition to the Carmel Realty Foundations ongoing support, we expect that a number of the people we have introduced the program will make financial donations, donations of time or other goodwill that can help make a difference for FCF. We are going to work on nourishing new relationships with the FCF ensuring more and more people become aware of the impact The First Tee is making on the lives of children in need.

Q: How would you recommend other organizations or board members to get involved with the FCF? How might anyone else introduce this opportunity to an organization? 
A: I know that all of our fellow business leaders across the peninsula share our interest in supporting important causes like The First Tee. It's important for organizations to scale their impact by informing their employees about how the FCF is improving life on the Peninsula. One great way to do that is to bring in our leadership team at FCF such as Bill, Nick, Jessica, and others. Our leadership team is inspiring. They have specific examples, proof in numbers, and real-life stories that connect with employees and make them want to engage and help.

Q: What companies would you like to participate in giving back? 
A: Any company of any size would benefit from this. My hope is the larger employers across the Salinas Valley and the Peninsula will be able to make time to do this. We once did a study to identify how many employers have children across the Salinas Valley who have benefited from The First Tee and it's pretty impressive. A very large number of large employers across Salinas have children who benefit from The First Tee. In return, those companies are better off because their employee’s children have a safe place to go and are getting support with education and other life skills. I think those organizations that are already benefiting are a great place to start for increased corporate support and involvement, but it is not limited to just big companies. Any company across the Peninsula can make a significant impact by introducing this program to their team.

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