Z Gals' Ladies Only Invitational

2019 Z Gal's Committee: 

Cass Antle/ Miera Couch/ Priscilla Galakatos/  Lisa John/ Joni Kahn/ Colleen Sweet 


The late John Zoller, a true champion, was the founding chairman of The First Tee of Monterey County.  His late wife, Donna, led a committee to create awareness and raise funds for the girls' programs. This annual fundraiser is named to honor Donna’s commitment to growing confident young ladies through The First Tee of Monterey County programming.

The Z Gal’s Invitational is unique tournament and luncheon.  For the golfers, as each group approaches the tee box, they are greeted by staff, participants, and volunteers along with a special gift from company sponsors.  The ladies can’t wait to get off each putting green to see what was on the next tee box.  

For luncheon, ladies are able to enjoy champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and bid on auction items as groups filtered off the course.  During the luncheon our participants raise awareness about what our program does for each of them and how it makes a difference in their lives. 

In 2019, the Z Gals event raised over $160,000 and truly impacted the well being of the young people in our community. !

2019 Photo Gallery
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